8 Chicken Treadle Feeders

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Apr 1, 2008
Pleasant Valley, (Okanogan) WA
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My Coop
I'm in need of 8 chicken treadle feeders (the kind the chickens step on to open). Both in LF and in bantam sizes. Looking for a multiple purchase discount. :) I have asked my DH to make me these for years and I'm tired of waiting. The mice are eating more than my chickens and I'm sick of feeding the mice!
In my opinion, the only difference between bantams and full size chicken use is the weight of the treadle and lid. And you might find it less expensive to find someone in your location to build them rather than have to pay expensive shipping costs. Also, you could monitor the building process and be assured to get what you want .
cutting them out is the easy part, getting them glued and/or stapled with brads is harder. Then putting the arms and getting it to open with the correct balance was difficult also for me.
If you were to have them sent unassembled, it would be best for the builder to put them together first, then take apart to ship.

how about sending me a pdf copy of your plans. would really appreciate it as most of the plans on the net are inconclusive.


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