8 month old hen limping suddenly and butt impacted - help!

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    Apr 15, 2009
    I have an 8 month old Rhode Island/Leghorn mix pullet. She has been completely healthy. Today she is holding one leg up under herself and her feathers on her bottom are all matted and she looks sweaty (even though its about 48 degrees). I pick her up, no obvious breaks, injuries, bleeding, swelling or anything on the leg. It looks just like the other one but she is holding it up and not walking on it. She has white/black/clear dried stuff on her bottom. I wiped it with a warm wet cloth and tried to get most of it off.
    No idea what is wrong with her leg and she just doesn't seem right. For instance, I carried her butt-side up into the house and into the bathroom where I ran the water and wiped at her butt for 15 min. And she didn't do anything or fight me at all which is not normal!
    I have her locked in the coop to rest but I need to know what this could be. It doesn't seem broken or out of shape at all. And I could be hallucinating this but I thought I remembered something about impacted eggs causing nerve problems and you might see limping at the same time. Is this an emergency? Could the egg still be stuck up inside her?
    What do I do?

    I should also mention that I lost another chicken suddenly last week. Found her dead in the morning. No symptoms or signs prior to death. Is there something that could cause sudden death and also limping/sweating/pooped up or impacted chicken???
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    I'm usually really good with diagnosing chickens but not with impacted butts. Maybe peritosis? Speckled hen will know . Seriously I would Pm her this is here area of expertise.

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