8+ Paint Silkie eggs to ship Monday


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Jul 9, 2009
The 2 hens in the pen are blacks from Amy (Destiny on BYC) and they have won BV and RV at 2 open shows (thanks Amy!)
The paint roosters are from Bren's line in TX and have very sweet personalities, wanting to be next to me whenever I go in their pen. I have checked fertility and am getting 100% (not really a surprise with 4 little boys in there!)

I will include extra eggs if at all possible. Enjoy the pics! Please paypal to [email protected].

Please note this is a new (and not yet recognized color) variety in silkies. You can expect to get some black chicks, some paint, and even some white since the paint gene is though to be a varient of the dominant white gene (someone please correct me if I'm wrong - just going on memory from what I've read in the past). It is thought that paints should be mated to blacks to be sure the spots stay black and don't develop reddish color in future generations.

Edited to say: Please paypal to [email protected]. I'd like to ship today!
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Jan 10, 2010
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Thanks Guys !!! Guess I got carried away !!! DH just told me he blew out a tire on the horse trailer today !!!
So I'll make sure I submit payment before we get the new tire !!!

I just hatched out 5 gorgeous paint chicks so hopefully these will all arrive safely and I will add to with my bloodlines and I'll have my own !!!

Hopefully there will be alot of extras so I can get at least a few hens !!! I have this wonderful ability to hatch out Roosters !!! My own or from shipped eggs !!!

Watch for my auctions to start soon. After I set a few more paint eggs I'll probably be selling some of my own.

Wish Me luck !!!
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