8+ Silver Lakenvelder eggs N P I P Good layers! PRETTY!!

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    8+ extras Silver Lakenvelder eggs from my NPIP tested flock. Lakenvelders are one of the most vividly colored chicken breeds out there, and they are a real attention getter wherever they are. Excellent layers of large white eggs, and they are non-setters, so no worries with broodiness. I also have found them to be the cleanest breed of bird I own. Quite economical to feed, as they are about the size of a Leghorn. They will free range very well, but also accept confinement with no problem. My eggs are very fertile, and hatch extremely well here at home. I pack very carefully and securely, and label clearly for the P.O. My PayPal is [email protected] , so payment can be made at end of auction. Thanks for looking, and have a great day.

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