800th Post, Dedicated To All BYC's Wonderful Members


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9 Years
May 9, 2010
Egglanta, GA
Hello everyone! Yipee! This is my 800th post. I just wanted to thank everyone (thousands of people) who I have talked to on here, my now close friends, you all have helped me so much. This is a great environment and I am so glad Ii found it. Luckily, as my picture says, I tried to start a "BYC Rehab and Addict Club" hehe because a day and a half ago I got to 700 posts.

You all are so great, friendly and sweet, and I'm gonna be on here forever, complaining to my personal nurse that nobody's responding to my posts when I'm 90 LOL. You've literally saved some lives for me, and I give you the deepest graditude! I have 3 people on my buddy list!
!! And a special thanks to nifty who created this site, which makes him awesome times a million.

Thanks for reading and thanks for being so friendly!

Nicholas or Nick
Posts happen.

Fluffy Puffy will pass my post count in less than six months.

...and you are right behind her.

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