9+ Large Fowl Buff Brahmas hatching egg Crazy 24 HR. Auction

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    This is an auction formatted listing, please do not PM to bid, instead bid by reply to this thread. This auctions ends at 11:00 Pm CST on 1/24/12. Shipping is $14. As always, I do not guarantee hatch rate on shipped eggs, but I have had a great hatch rate on these .These eggs are from my lovely flock of four hens and a rooster. They are quite calm and have no problem being picked up. The rooster has never shown any aggression towards humans. This is a feather footed breed, and they lay a brown egg. I love the contrast of the dark markings on the buff background feathers. A nice calm breed for your backyard flock![​IMG]
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    I am ordering my hovabator in a few weeks (as soon as my taxes come in) and I would love to have some of these eggs if they are still available. I know your auctioning them now and they are very likely to go but I can always hope :) This is the breed I want!
  3. Hot2Pot

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    Feb 1, 2010
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    They are laying well, hopefully they will keep it up:) Deb

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