9 month old RIR with enlarged liver and spleen........HELP PLEASE!


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6 Years
Aug 25, 2013
Ok so my girl has not been eating right for 3 weeks now, and she has been under a vets care for 1 week now. At first, we gave her fluids, did a fecal test which came back normal, and gave her a shot of ivermectin. Brought her back today and put her under for an X-ray......Vet says she has a enlarged spleen and liver and there is not much room for her air sacs.......gave her broad range antibiotics and pain meds. If she does not improve in 5 days, Vet says it is cancer. Anyone else have any advice who has been thru this? I do not think my vet knows much, but she is the only one in the area.

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