9 week old hens don't love any treats!

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I've been trying treats for the past few weeks. They don't seem to love anything or actually really enjoy any of them. I've tried celery leaves, carrots, oats, whole wheat bread, lettuce. Any suggestions?
My 8 week olds love love love yogurt! I buy lowfat vanilla. When I first gave it I dipped my finger and they pecked it off that. Now they just chow down right from a shallow dish. Also they love dried meal worms! I mean love like crazy. Last night i threw them an ear of cooked corn on cob left over from dinner, already partially eaten, they really went for that too. Tried watermelon and it wasn't a bit hit but they did peck at it quite bit.
Try some scrambled eggs chopped up finely or some strands of plain cooked spaghetti noodles. I haven't met a chicken yet that turns that down.
I fed mine some leftover scrambled eggs sunday morning.....It reminded me of the movies where people swim in a piraunha infested rivers and don't survive!!!
My buff O was jumping belt high to try and get the zip lock bag of eggs from me.
My chicks came to treats very gradually. The only thing that interested them at first were mealworms and dandelion petals. We've now expanded the repertoire to include cut grass, lilac flowers, raw oatmeal, cooked spaghetti and bird seed, but they've turned up their beaks at most of the treats other people here have said their chicks adore. No to yogurt, strawberries, carrots, cabbage...I've tried a lot of different things.

Keep trying. And do try mealworms. It seems to wake up some primal "worm" frenzy in their little lizard brains.
Thank you all for your replies! I am new to this and kept reading how much all the chickens love their treats. It feels good to know it takes a while. I am going to get some meal worms for the weekend.
My older chicks didn't like treats like scrambled eggs, oatmeal, Cheerios....just raisins and some greens. Now, at 9 mos. they love them!
Guess they had to acquire the taste. Actually, I think it was the textures of certain foods they didn't like.

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