9 Welsummer test eggs ~ SOLD ~


12 Years
Dec 18, 2007
My Welsummer girls have recently started laying. 2 of the pullets are from MotherGoose's lines. If anyone wants to "test" the eggs I can ship 9 eggs to the lower 48 States for $15. I cannot guarantee anything but can tell you the roo has been more than doing his job and I have 5 eggs in my bator and candling at day 10 could see veins in 3.

paypal is [email protected]

First person to post SOLD gets them. This will be a one time offer. I can mail them today as long as I get payment before 3pm EST.



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I see 2 white eggs and brown one. Just curious -- are they all 3 from your Welsummer? Or just the brown one. Everything I've read says Welsummer eggs are brown. I think I have Welsummer hens but these girls lay white eggs. Does anyone know what lays white eggs and *looks* like a Welsummer?
The white eggs are from leghorns and the brown in the middle is the Welsummer egg. I put them in there to show more accurately the color of the Wellie egg.

Gamebirdsonly is correct, if it looks like a Welsummer and has white earlobes it's a brown leghorn.

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