9wk GLW pullet or cockerel?


14 Years
Jul 11, 2008
Gila, New Mexico
This bird has been very slow feathering, and his/her tail feathers are constantly plucked out. I picked it up again today, and all saddle area feathers are rounded. Based on its stance, size and weight as a little chick, I always thought it was a cockerel. But the comb and wattles are still very light-colored, and I see no pointy hackle or saddle feathers.

He/she will be 10 weeks this Saturday. Any thoughts?

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I got a new picture this morning of her face (10wk 3d), and comparing it to my mom's GLW, which is a week older than mine and also a McMurray bird, I'm thinking mine is a pullet. The first pic is my bird, the second is my mom's (11wk 0d the day of this picture). My chick still has no comb growth (it's completely flat except one little spike in the back) and her comb and wattles are very light pink, especially compared to this other bird.


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You are probably safe to assume it is a pullet at this point. Sometimes the larger breeds are a bit more slow to feath than others. I had a few like that in my hatchery order this year. They all turned out to be hens, but took forever to feather! In fact, they are still ugly LOL
Its a pullet... on gold laced and silver laced, the pullets tend to show similar lacing all over, where the boys... well they look like your mom's!

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