A big step, hopefully one I won't regret.


Scribe of Brahmalot
12 Years
May 18, 2009
Well, I just gave a 2-week notice to quit my job of 15 years! It feels good but very scary.

Hubby and I have been making and selling bird toys for a while now on our website and at bird fairs and shows in the southeast states. This "hobby" has grown to the point that we have been struggling to keep enough toys made and still work our respective jobs. This summer hubby quit his job and became full-time bird toy man. We still cannot keep up with our toy orders, so now it's my turn.

We have been making bird toys for about 12 years or so and have seen the business grow, even through these uncertain economic times. I have been afraid to quit my "sure thing" job but now have decided to make the plunge.

Now I will have an extra 8 hours a day to market our business, make toys, and play with my chickens - wish me luck!

Wow! Yes it is a big step to have made but I'm sure it will be the right one for you. With more time you will be able to put your full effort into the business with the added bonus of having more time with your chickens. Me and my better half run our own business from home which allows me to fit my animals in around it. Couldn't imagine now having to go to work all day, I would miss all the chicken TV.
Wishing you and your husband the very best for the future and long may your business grow and grow :frow
Congratulations on the courage to make this life changing move. I wish you success on the largest scale - 'you go girl'.
Sometimes you gotta let go of the rope to get to the other side.

Now I gotta go buy some bird toys......

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