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  1. marinica

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    Jan 28, 2015
    i buyed a chinese thermostat.
    specs :
    Working voltage: 90~250V±10%
    Rated current: 10A
    Power consumption: ≤3W
    Measurement range: -50~110 Celsius degree
    Measurement precision: 0.1 Celsius degree
    Measurement error: ±0.3 Celsius degree
    Control precision: 0.1 Celsius degree
    Working temperature:‐20~70 Celsius degree
    Temperature sensor: NTC 25 Celsius degree=10K B3435

    my problem is that the manual seems to be google translated, and i dont understand what to do to set it up. (is on C, and i will build an incubator with a computer fan)


    any help from people which have the same model ?
    thanks !
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    Feb 13, 2012
    Kalispell, Mt
    Here Ya go hope it helps.
  3. marinica

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    Jan 28, 2015
    ah, that i know, thanks. sorry, i should have been more clear.
    first i dint know how to enter "advanced" setup mode. in documentation say that i need to press set for 3 seconds, but actually was 5+, so i struggle a bit until i manage to get there. that was my main issues, and now i know what to do.

    to double check values on C (most articles i've read use F).
    i set the temperature when the relay turn off to 37.7 C (~100f) so at this temperature, thermostat will turn off the light bulbs. (but temperature will continue to raise ? 37.7 is ok to set for turning off ?)
    next, i have to set a value on which the thermostat will turn on again the bulbs. default is a difference of 2C so that means the bulbs will start at 35.7C. i presume is a bit to low. 1C it will be enough ?
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