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    Well i posted here a few weeks back that we went to our first show and my son won grand champion with his little white laced red cornish hen. I have been on a mission trying to find a roo so i can make more. Obviously you want the best you can get so as to improve and get better show birds etc start a small flock. Well i looked and found only 2 breeders listed for the bantam cornish breed and contacted them. I got one that happened to have what i needed. At first i got a great response very willing and he said he had just what i needed etc,,, Said he would get me the full price plus shipping over the weekend. I sent him a picture of my hen so he can match her with the correct roo per his request and he had nice things to say about her so i was happy. As emails when back and fourth it seems as if he all of a sudden does not want to sell me the roo? I never questioned the price i was will to pay whatever even pre pay and wait till the weather was cooler to have the bird shipped. I am very confused as to why all of a sudden he seemed to shy away from selling me a roo [​IMG] Do you all think it's because i am new to the breeding thing? I mean i am fully doing my research and i am learning all i can about the breed and i know the risks associated with them so why? He mentioned he had several young roos so thus why i am perplexed. I was polite and truthful so why does this breeder deem me unworthy????

    If anyone knows where i can find a decent White laced Cornish roo or a pair of dark cornish it would be very much appreciated! Thanks for reading my little rant. [​IMG]

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