A challenge... **PICS** creative minds needed :)


9 Years
Feb 22, 2010
Alright, lets play a game called.... hmm... Chicken Coop Legos. HA.
Here are the peices, lets find a solution.

The unfinished Chicken run.... 8ftx4ftx36in tall. One topside is not covered... I could build a coop over it?

The Coop orginally designed for 4 birds (thought was NH and RI Reds)
Note the Pop door on the left.


The birds! 8 of em' 2 RIR 2 NHR 2 BR 2 Black sexlink
(Just a snap shot of the inside of the coop)

The problem..
1) I dont have enough coop space.
2) How do I attach, or make it possible to let the ladies out of the red stand up coop into the run.
3) If I built a coop on top of then open space on the run.... (so two different coops) how do I figure out which hens to put where, or will they do that on their own?
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My initial thoughts would be to remove the wire from one narrow end of the tractor and attach it to the side of your coop where the chicken door is (the little trap door on the side). You could then cut out part of that wall and build a room onto the coop that sits on top of that open end of the tractor, so it's not really two separate coops but another room built onto the existing coop. Does that make sense?

Added: Also, if that still isn't enough space, you could add to the back or the other side of the existing coop, as well.
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They will be allowed to free range, the run is basically for when I have to be gone for the day and cant watch over them, or for when we have guests over and I need to secure them away from kiddos etc.

I'm hoping the run space shown will do the job for those days. Its also light and will have handles so I can move it around easily if I need to.
Those A frame coop/tractor combos usually include the run as the bottom portion and the long side can open for access. You could build an A frame on top of that coop for the entire length if you wanted to. It would be a modified catawba ark. You could attach the two coops or leave them separate.
Soo... 100 bucks and 6 hours later, we have started a brand new coop design placed on top of the run.


I'm considering just having the stand up coop out in the yard, and when the girls are free ranging they will have some where to 1) get shelter and 2) lay (if they just cant wait)

So.. a few new questions for the new coop design. If I have a door and ramp from the floor of the coop out...what degree of slope would be best & how much headroom do they need to get into the whole/door (ie is 12 inchs deep long enough, once you factor in the ramp?
Also, I will probably deep litter for this coop-as its a bit tall for me to worry about changing out roost poop. How big of a "lip" will I need to hold all the bedding?

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