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May 17, 2008
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I just had a constable show up at my house and bang on all my doors and poke his nose in all my property (my barn, looking in my windows, etc.) and left a notice on my front door that he is looking for my mother who does not live here and has never lived here.
I immeadiately called her and left a message at her house letting her know the guys phone number and that it was about "Court Matters" as it says on the notice, but now I'm scratching my head...

What on earth does a Constable do exactly and what do they want with my 55 year old mother who's only issue with the law has been a speeding ticket once in her life?
I'm worried now.
Could she be a witness to a crime? Maybe call a lawyer and ask if she should go to the police department and take care of the situation.
Not that I know of. Good grief I'm getting more worked up by the moment. My Mom is at a bake/yard sale for her apartment buildings association right now so I have no way of getting in touch with her until later today.
Should I have her call him directly or call a lawyer first?
Knowing her she'll call him directly without a second thought.
How long has she lived at her current address. It sounds like something happened at a prior address and now they don't know where she lives.

Unpaid parking/speeding ticket?

Hope all is well with her.
You could call the local police/sheriff department to see if they have a warrant out for her...that info should be a matter of public record or they might be trying to serve her with papers. Maybe a subpoena.
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Could also be mistaken identity. Once, years ago, I kept getting calls from collection agencies and a court notice to appear under my exact first and last name. The stupid thing was that the only reason they sent it to me is that I was the only woman by that name in the phone book. They didn't even check the SSN, for goodness sake, like two people can't have the same name!
It was finally straightened out, but what stupidity.
I just looked up the word...ha ha...so it's a peace officer handing out writs--which is a legal document given to a person to do or not do something.

Let's see....I wondered has she been called to jury perhaps? It's just a thought.

If you call the man and tell her that your mother can not be reached until Mon. or whatever but wondered in the mean time was there something you could do to help, since the notice was to your address and not to your mothers?

perhaps he wouldn't be able to tell you anything anyway.

If he asks for her current phone/add. politely tell him you will relay the message to her and make sure she gets back to him promptly on Mon. morning.

don't fret...sometimes people think they have all the right to be pushy, but they don't...you and your mother have rights too. Stick up for your boundries. and don't worry...it doesn't help. Just know that having peace in your heart doesn't mean that it is quiet, nor does it mean that there can not be turmoil around you...but you still can have peace in your heart. For you know your mom and the person she is and your there for her no matter the situations arrive and because of the situations that arrive.

In Rhode Island it happens a lot. It happened to me when I moved and applied for a new drivers license in MI. They had my name mixed up with someone else's and it caused a huge problem that took months to straighten out.
My brother, who is still in RI had it happen to him. He was applying for a state approval to sell insurance, and they said he had a felony arrest. My brother has NEVER been arrested. It took several months, 3 visits to the state attorney general's office, and 2 phone calls to the state police before they finally realized they had the wrong social security number.
My friend who now lives in North Carolina ( also from RI) went to NC registry for a NC driver's license, and they said she had an old parking ticket from 1989. She never owned a car in 1989. It turned out later that the company they hire to find people with old tickets couldn't find the actual person who owed the ticket, and her name was the closest to correct spelling

The constables are probably trying to serve court papers, and it is probably a mistake on someone's paperwork somewhere.

He had no call to be lookin in your barn and such. They all think they have the right but they dont. Please dont take it wrong, I know we need them, and I know they dont make near enough money for what they do, but he should have limited what he was doing to a knock on the door. Its different when they are serving a felony warrant, they have to right to open the door if they know you are there. I doubt seriously that your mother has a felony warrant.

That kind of stuff ticks me off. Thats why I have a fence around these 5 acres and an automatic gate. Everybody needs permission to come on my land.

Oh, tell your mom we said good luck.

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