A coop for chickens that lay golden eggs


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011
My sister sent me this link - we just got chicks this spring and are building the coop. She thought this might be useful. I thought some of you might get a chuckle. I hope I'm not breaking any rules posting this - I read through them and think it is ok - I'm NOT advertising this!

In contrast to the urban Chicken Co-Op, our coop will be built 100% from rough-cut wood we milled on site & scraps from our barn construction. About the only thing we'll pay for is nails to hold it all together. It may not win any beauty contests, but it will be safe & dry and I think the chickens will be happy when it is done.

It seems like a lot of nesting boxes for the 1 small chicken that could live in it!
And, I think I would feel really sorry for that bird. It is cool looking in an Ikea sort of way
I had to laugh - I found this thread listed just under this threat - "Who else is living super frugal?"

My chickens would have to lay golden eggs plus sing opera and tap dance to earn that one!
I always thought city folks had more money than sense! LOL
It is totally adorable but my chickens are much too big for it and my Silkies would wonder where all the dirt is for them to play.

Thanks for sharing the link. I love to see ideas from other people.
Funny, but impractical. Food dishes on the bottom level? Yuck! Total confinement; poor apartment birds! And the only way out of the sun glaring through those acrylic sheets is in the nest boxes. I hope anybody using that only has four chickens! That thing looks like it will be a sweat box.

$3500 to raise just four chickens. Very impractical.

Hey, maybe it could be practical if you're raising some exotic, expensive meat bird. The bird will be cooked before you even pluck it! How convenient!
We have a construction guy that lives near us that builds one like this only bigger. His is not moveable but is egg shaped and big enough for a person to step in to. I wish I still had his business card or website but our computer crashed and I tossed the card, knowing I would not pay $5000 for something I could build bigger and better for $500.

With as many chickens (about 700) as I have I have to be smarter with my money than that.

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