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    I impulsively got two ~ week old Cookoo Maran chicks at the hatchery when I went to pick up my Easter Eggers. They were given probiotics at the hatchery and had ACV in thier water. Their vents looked dirty but opened yesterday but this morning they where both straining to poo. I unplugged their vents and they both pooped but one had a very swollen vent and kept straining like she has to poop.

    I treated her with some preparation H jel and she quieted down some but the only time she isn't standing was when I hold her. I oiled her butt and she has a huge wet poop around 2PM and re applied the Prep H. She is eating and drinking and moving around ok, though mostly she just stands with her vent pulsing and strains. I am not sure if she is pooping though. I will give her butt a good soak in the morning and see if there is more hard poop in there.

    My questions:
    How do I reduce the swelling?
    Is there anything else I can try besides a warm soak?

    BTW it was "Pete"s Hatchery" They had about 3 dozen week old EE's and Maran chicks the woman who works there said said they hatched a day late for last weeks shipments. If anyone lives in the Salem Oregon is interested.
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    How is your little one?

    You can add some epsom salts to the "bath" that you soak her bum in. Preh H or honey is good to help reduce swelling. If she seems constipated, then you can give her some water with a very small amount of molasses in it (molasses has a laxative effect). Watch to see if she is drinking well - this is usually the cause of most constipation. You can also give wet chick starter.

    Keep us posted.

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