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Mar 13, 2017
North Mississippi
Ahhh...so good and bad update. Good news, 3 babies successfully hatched on their own so far. They're warm resting in the brooder. I had to do a hatch assist with the 4th egg. Basically hatched him myself. It had pipped over night at some point last night and had made zero progress in the meantime while other chicks pipped and zipped around him. Well he's doing great drying out in the incubator right now.:jumpy
I really feel I made the right call. I just had a bad feeling he wouldn't have made it. While I was helping him out, the 5th egg pipped and seems to be making good progress. I candled the 6th egg and it didn't look good, float tested it, nothing. So I said a prayer and cracked it bc I had a feeling it had been gone for awhile...it appeared the poor thing malpositioned and pipped upside down. I can only assume it drowned, bless it.:(

BUT...5 out of 6 ain't bad. I'm still happy I made the decision to assist the one chick out of the shell. I'll definitely be keeping that chicken lol.

Ok here's more pics.

Happy babies warming in the brooder.

Here's the little one I assisted. He's stumbling around the bator now trying to encourage his friend our of the shell lol.


Nature is an amazing thing :love
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