a few pics of the babies in their new digs

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  1. The peeps turned a week old yesterday and I moved them to a 3 ft. round pool. They are loving it! [​IMG]

    My dog Gypsy is a broody in disguise. If she would sit on eggs, I'd be all set, lol. She guards those little guys like you wouldn't believe. If the cat so much as even looks at the room, she's on it. [​IMG]

    They love the roosts. And digging. And digging...

    Something incredibly important was going on here but I have no clue what it was.
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    They sure look happy! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Crazy4Chicks

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    in that last pic they were planning thier escape - they are going to each take turns pecking at that one spot till FREEDOM

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    Awww what cuties! I think the kiddie pool for a brooder is the most clever idea. Plenty of room and easy to do!

    Your Gypsy looks a little like my Chewy. He is a rat terrier and beagle mix- more beagle IMO. He loves to watch the chickies too, in fact he smiles when he sees them playing. He's such a mother hen, if someone squawks in the brooder he runs over to investigate. Here is a pic of him watching the chicks in their outside baby playpen:

  5. He's so cute!!! Yep, Gypsy is a rat terrier, too. For being famous as ratters, it's amazing what good adoptive parents they make. Gypsy is also infatuated with my daughter's hamster. [​IMG]

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