A few questions on Button eggs-mostly want some reassurence!!

Discussion in 'Quail' started by xchairity_casex, Apr 6, 2011.

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    Feb 5, 2011
    OK so my button eggs are at day 11 and im nervous!!! there were 2 eggs with small cracks on them (from shipping i imagine) and one of which i set to incubate since i didnt notice the crack but i started noticing it was as light as air except on the small end of the egg so it would not stay turned much like a bopping toy for kids you punch it and it pops back up! anyways i found the crack and opened it to find it as dry as could be inside which has me worried about the humidity(dont have a hydrometer just going by the incubatori instructions-fill the center trough with water untill hatch day then fill the second but since i knew buttons neede higher humidity i filled both troughs in the begining. so far about 20 of the eggs have a good weight to them but im still nervous about it! the temps been steady at 100 degrees. so now done with the freaking out part here come the questions

    do you think this egg could have dried out during the shipping?

    when shoudl i expect to see the eggs begin moveing aorund? with the chicken eggs i hatched it was about a day before lockdown.

    when (if) they begin hatching how loud are the peeps? will i be able to ehar them or are they pretty quiet?

    if they havent hatched by day___ when should i know they are not going to?

    when i hatched chicken eggs while hatching they would knock into the other eggs and roll them around like crazy which worriedm e and i would continually put them back how they were what could i do about this?

    any and all inputs would be very much appreciated im so nervous and worried though the second egg that had a crack in it was not dried out inside so that gives me hope but yeh mostly just nervous!! also experinces are also welcome!!
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    in 2 days put them on Lockdown as generally it's 16 days for hatch in CBBQ....
    humidity up to 55-65% ..GO to Wal mart or etc and spend the 10.00 for a hydrometer! this is VERY IMPORTANT for quail eggs!
    you're not apt to see eggs move (if at all)till a couple hours before hatch and then they don't rock and pitch around like chickens so you don't have to worry about them knocking each other around
    Their peeps are not loud at all.
    i had CBBQ eggs hatch at day 16 all the way up to day 22 .
    Do you have your 28-30% UNmedicated gamebird starter feed all ground up and ready for the chicks when they hatch? They will be very hungry babies when they are moved into the brooder.Do not leave the chicks in the bator for hours...as fast as they fluff dry move them ...they are NOT like chickens as they have no yolksac reserve.
    CBBQ chicks are TINY...they can wiggle through ( or fall through) a space that's 1/2inch X 1/2inch in size.
    Do you have a water dish shallow enough for them to drink from when they hatch and pebbles or marbles in it so they wont drown?
    Do not fret with them.
    The BEST site to go to about CBBQ is yahoo group .... Buttonquail411.... There's NO BETTER,more helpful people around when it comes to CBBQ !
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    Mhwc56 is right on! It's always nerving with your first batch. Just breath [​IMG] It will go smoothly. BQ411 is a great forum for button quail, I agree. I am on it, so it has to be [​IMG]
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    Quote:hahaha ...yep she is on it and she, along with the others like Jodi are the best ! [​IMG]
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    Feb 5, 2011
    yes i wanted a hydrometer but the closest place to find one is about 60 minute drive away and i dont get up there very often last time i went i wanted to get one but it was down to a hydrometer or glucosemine for my kitties arthritus so i went with that instead. according to the incubators instructions filling both water trays the humidity should be aroun 60% humidity. ive been turning the eggs 10-13 times per day and even at night i go to sleeep(stop turning) at about 4am then get up at 8am to turn again and go back to sleep wake up 2 hours later to turn again then go back to sleep for an hour then get up and turn then then stay up for the day! thanks for the reassurance everyone im super excited and nervous about it i feel like a new mommy! i have everything reay for the babys if they hatch i have even preground the gamebird crumble and put into a large mason jar, got the 10 gallong tank ready with drawer liner and a small mouse water bottle along with a plastic lid and marbles underneath of the bottle tube just in case they are not catching on. plus i have a little coconut shell half for them to hide in [​IMG] im going to feel soooo awful if ive acedentlly killed them! [​IMG]

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