A Few Quick Update, Improvements & Stats (i heart stats)

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    None of these need their own thread, so they get to hold hands and be announced together. A few quick items:

    Some amazing stats for 2/5/09:
    New Members: 75
    New Topics: 379
    New Posts: 6,326 (4.39 posts of every minute of the 24 hour day)

    BYC Page Creator Tool has been updated a little. The edit window now fits to your screen (so it should be wider for 92% of you that aren't on an 800x600 screen).

    "How You Found Us" This is just for new members, but we're finally asking people to enter how they found BYC (newspaper, Google, friend, etc.) when they register.

    We've added a new column to the BYC Users Page List which will show which pages have received the most views (we expect a lot of coop pages to show up there!

    We're always improving our great site for our wonderful community. Many of the improvements are behind the scenes, but we do try to add ones that you'll be able to play with.

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    wow 25000 members will be here in no time
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