A Frame Modified Chicken Tractor Plans?


May 2, 2015
Good day,

So I have been actively DRIVING my friends and spouse BATTY.....

Going over ideas for a Modified A-frame tractor design. (to house 4-6 med sized chickens..) My idea: 4x4 base frame for weight. dementions would be 10L x 5W x 5H. then A framed with 3 sets of 2x4s.

The nesting area at one end semi enclosed meaning open to the run area, closed off to the rear. Metal roof over the nesting area. with one side of the roof hinged for cleaning and egg collection, one end with fold down door. (do they really need a roost?)

Im trying to think of ways to do this for under $200.. But also want to keep the coons and opossums at bay. (kinda like whats pictured below)..

Ideas? Comments? Suggestions? Like I said cant keep brining this up or I may not wake up one morning, due to being killed off in my sleep..

Then I have to bribe a friend to assist, who has the proper tools & is good with wood building knowledge to assist me with the build.

Thanks in advance,
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I would change the chicken wire to hardware cloth/welded wire with 1/2 inch gaps. Chicken wire is not effective against possums and raccoons. You don't have to have a roost, but they will end up sleeping on the upper area and potentially be sitting in their poop.
So if I where to find someone who makes & purchase an already made A frame movable coop/tractor from someone in the central florida area (Orlando-ish) that knows what their doing and what's needed for the chickens and it would house up to 8 med chickens. What would I expect to pay? $100? $150?
do you plan to have a bottom to this? we also live in FL and have a lot of bobcats in the area... im wondering about them or other animals digging under.

we have been looking a similar design for ours.

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