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I found this Streamliner pressure Model A COOKER (not canner) at a garage sale for nine bucks!

It has all the components inside of it like a sieve tray, two small buckets, and a steamer? This was owned by a lady who was in her 70's and she no longer cans anymore. She said she canned tomatoes and green beans in it without any problems as well as pot roast in cooker style (not canned).

So I know a few things may need to be replaced or needed parts. What do I need????? Ebay dont have Streamliner supplies.




Would this be safe for canning tomatoes and green beans and pickles?????????

What did you guys find in canning supplies at garage sales and how much did you paid for them?
You need to contact your Extension Office to have it tested before you use it. It looks like a great find, but the seal may not be any good. My Mom's neighbor spent weeks in the hospital after one blew up in her face. My Mom will not even use one because of that. I have one and I love it, but I also respect it!
Tomatoes and pickles and other high acid foods can be canned in a water bath. That is just a regular big pot, and 'easier.'

Green beans and other 'low acid foods need to be heated to 240 degrees, and so need to be pressure canned.

Good luck. I have found my local extension office to be a great resource. Also, the 'Ball Blue Book' for canning is good.
Will check with my local extension office and have it tested once I can find the parts for it.

Got the Blue Ball canning book and its very informative!
Ewesheep. you're gonna hate me- (I hope not,

But you typed St-R-eamliner- and the pot says Steamliner, without the R. That might be why your search didn't work.

I suspect you have found a real gem- new gasket might be all it needs, plus whatever it is that goes in the center hole in the lid. A vent valve of some sort?
Hey, thats cool! I've been wanting a decent pressure cooker.

A woman called to give me a house the other day. It has the potential to be a good deal, too, I suppose.
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Yep you are right! Sorry for the spelling error!

It was missing something on the top and that is why I need to get a new equipment and new rubber seals to see if it will work.

I contacted my extension office and they have not yet returned my email. I will give them until next week and hopefully they will say more for canning classes.
What?? Why don't people give me houses? Davaroo gets all the luck!!

I have a pressure cooker that needs new gaskets that's not the full-on-real-thing...it's a T-Fal deal without any gauges, so it just accelerates cooking times. Would love to have the real thing- and old, so it was built well, too!!

Awesome score!
If folks can give us a farm house, we would be very happy with that! Seems like Dave is very popular in the area he lives in!

Once I do get the parts for it, I would have it checked out by the office and play it safe. I hate to have it happened and be in the hospital for weeks!

Hopefully I would hear from the office soon!
I dabble in real estate. Someone wanting to "give me a house" is one of those things that happens from time to time.
It's not really luck, actually, and there is usually a lot involved in the transaction... it's not like thay hand me the keys to the Taj Mahal or anything.

Once in a while, though, it leads to a good deal.

It's actually not hard to make that happen. PM me if you want to know how.


As for a decent, old pressure cooker, well, I'll keep my eye out for one!

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