A move in Westport, CT to regulate roosters?

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    For those in my area, Westport needs no introduction. haha.

    Compo Crowing: Neighbors Seek Rooster Relief

    By Dave Matlow

    UPDATE A group of neighbors in Westport’s Compo Beach area wants the town’s legislative body to approve an ordinance giving them relief from a crowing rooster owned by a fellow resident.

    “This has been going on for years,” said one neighbor, who asked not to be identified. “It’s like having a leaf blower outside your window all day.”

    A petition signed by 28 residents submitted last week to the Town Clerk asked the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) to pass an ordinance banning roosters whose “crowing thereof shall be annoying any person occupying premises in the vicinity.”

    However, today the petitioners formally withdrew the petition. They said they would resubmit it after working with the Town Attorney’s Office to refine the wording of the proposed law to include how the ordinance will be enforced and what penalties will be imposed.

    “Other towns have such ordinances,” said one man who signed the petition. “Why can’t Westport?”

    A number of Connecticut communities, including New Canaan, Ansonia, Stamford, and Wethersfield, as well as many around the nation have ordinances regulating roosters and other farm animals that annoy neighbors.

    Residents, who were reluctant to speak on the record about their rooster-owning neighbor, said the rooster has been a problem off and on for at least four years.

    They said they confronted the rooster owner who has repeatedly rebuffed them, and got no relief after complaining to the Planning and Zoning Department, the Westport Weston Health District, and First Selectman’s office.

    They also contacted a number of RTM members who they said were reluctant to propose an ordinance that targets only one person (the rooster owner) and much preferred a private solution.

    The rooster owner moved out several years ago prior to demolishing his house in October 2004 and had a new house built in its place, according to one neighbor. When the man moved back in last fall, he brought the rooster and some chicks that have since grown into hens.

    A neighbor, who works at home, said the rooster crows early in the morning as well as throughout the day. In addition, he said he had seen several large rats in the neighborhood which he said may be attracted by the rooster and chickens.

    “Now that it’s spring, we will be opening our windows and that elevates the problem,” he said.
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    Oh, how did I miss this??
    So happy I'm in Weston. [​IMG] When I went in to get my building permit for the coop, they guys encouraged me to get a rooster. (already had one) One guy on zoning "you should get a rooster, don't pay any attention to your neighbors" [​IMG]
    But the lots are much smaller in Westport. And people don't really move there for the rural setting. Guess I'm not holding my breath that this guy will have his rooster for much longer. But maybe there are old farts on the Westport zoning board too. [​IMG]
    Anyone living around Compo beach is going to have enough resources to get this guy to remove his rooster one way or another.
    I'll have to read the paper more closely to keep up with this one.
    Thanks for posting the article!

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