A nice story to share and a really nice gesture for my girls


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So, here is what happened and how it unfolded...

Yesterday, a committee member for our local boy scouts stopped by to drop off some stuff for my DH who volunteers with the two local troops. He had never been to our home and was interested in all the stuff we had done.

We walked him around the property and talked to him about the changes we planned to make and the planting I was outlining to do and etc. he admired me new garden beds and we talked about growing produce and such.

Then we get to The Kingdom of Eggtopia. He was in awe of the girls and their little man...he loved their coop complete with drapes, their own artwork and a radio. He admired their picture window and wished he had one of those.

So, we get back to the house and I asked him if he would like some fresh eggs to take home for his wife and he. he said he would love some. so, I clean and carton up a dozen eggs and send home with him.

Today, we are sitting in the livingroom watching TV and I noticing a big truck backing out the driveway. DH goes outside and truck is gone so he comes back inside.

Later in the day, I walk outside and I happened to notice a feed bag by the front door...25 lbs of food. I was thinking "who put my bag of scratch here" because I buy 50 lbs of food and 25 lbs of scratch. I look closer and the bag has written on it "Thanks Larry" and my empty carton is sitting on top of the bag.

So, for a little kindess. being cute and a dozen eggs, my girls got a nice 25 lb bag of layer pellets.

It reaffirms that there are still many good people in this world.
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How sweet. There ARE some really nice people left in the world....it just seems we run across them less and less these days. What a wonderful gesture.
With so much sadness and turmoil being reported all the time it is heartwarming to read of when a giver becomes a giftee. Kindness always comes back to you.

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