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Jul 6, 2010
Homer, GA
So, research has started. The owners of the farm are looking to get back down to serious business. So, YAY for that!

What I'm tryin to get figured out, is regulations, such as USDA, for small business/llc for such things as canning and selling goods (though not on a HUGE scale... farmers market/word of mouth kinda thing) such as jams n such, beef/goats/pigs/chicken for meat and chickens for eggs n meat. I'm seeing things on the USDA site, but it seems to only pertain to huge commercial operations? What am I missing?

Can any of yall point me in the right direction? Thanks!
You might want to look at 453(a) of that title.

That 'moves in commerce' thing appears to mean you can't sell poultry so that it winds up outside your state. That 'commerce' thing.

It also appears that even without a commercial license, you're in trouble if you sell anything that is spoiled or er...'putrid'. But I've only finished reading 'How to Talk Like a Lawyer', not 'How to Read Like a Lawyer' so good if you go over it yourself.

I also suggest you read your local laws, as they often are different. Some bar any poultry.
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