A question about 18 week old RIR pullets.


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Jun 4, 2009
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My Rhode Island Red pullets are 18 weeks old today. One of them is very developed. Her comb and waddles are huge and bright red. The other 5 are coming along but not as developed. I think I will be getting eggs from the early maturing pullet soon. But I live in New York and the daylight is only 12 hours long at best. Will I need to use a light on a timer in their coop so they have 14 hours of light for them to give me eggs this year.



The one in question is all the way to the right. The silver laced Polish is my Roo.
The way the one in question holds it's tail down I think it is a pullet.
chickens develope at differnt rate so the pullet is just a head of the others.
your pullets will lay when it is time no matter if the light is less. they would produce more eggs if they had 14 hour of light either natural or with a light bulb.
Thank you Pattypenny. That is what I thought also but I wasn't 100% positive. I can't wait for the first egg. I feel like a kid at Christmas time.
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I agree, all the RIR's look like pullets. Your fast maturing one looks like mine did when she started laying.

So good news, eggs will be coming soon!!!!!
I'm in Minnesota and I still get eggs in the winter even though I don't use any additional light. Especially from the younger ones.

You may get more eggs if you put a light on them but you may also end up with reproductive trouble in the coming years. Birds under light tend to burn out early.

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