A question about Buffleheads


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Mar 27, 2014
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I have a small, lake on my property and have always enjoyed watching the wild ducks as they add specks of color on the water. Of course, we see mostly mallards but this year, I've noticed a single Bufflehead male sort of carrying on with his floating and diving business very conspicuously in the center of the lake (which is about three acres in size) for the last four days. I am in zone 6/7 southern Connecticut.

My question: is this male likely part of a mated pair with the female nesting nearby while father-to-be paddles around waiting? Or do you suppose he is single and hoping to attract a lady by paddling endlessly with his little white self as a lure to any lonely ladies passing by overhead? From what I've read, Buffleheads tend to conduct their breeding and brooding in Canada so could this guy just be cooling his heels here for molting?
We have male mergansers that come to our lake on occasion.
Sometimes they have ladies with them, sometimes they don't.
I certainly wouldn't rule out a female hanging near by.
Heck we had one male merganser that kind of adopted us and hung around with my Pekins for about 2 years.
Then one day he just moved on.

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