A question about Golden Brahma?

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    I'm just curious, and after having glanced through the other topics in the breeds forum, have yet to find this question as already asked...so here it goes...

    What is the average maximum weight of a Golden Brahma hen? My Brewenna is a really BIG girl. Much bigger than her Light Brahma sisters that are a year younger than she is. Are the Lights going to get as big as her eventually? It seems like Brew has ALWAYS been big, even when she was just a tiny 2 day old chick.

    We got her by accident. When we were purchasing her sisters, which consisted of 6 Golden Sex Link and 6 Buff Orpingtons, she somehow got into the mix. I swear in the beginning we thought we had a rooster on our hands, she was so big. Hence the name Brewenna...thinking she was a he, we were shooting for Brewster the Rooster! [​IMG]

    Anyhow, I'm just curious as to just how big a Golden Brahma is supposed to get. She's a little over 2 years old now, and without actually weighing her, I'd say she's tipping the scales somewhere around the 18-20 pound range. Maybe more, maybe less. Is this NORMAL??? Talk about your basic Birdzilla!! [​IMG]

    Any thoughts on this matter are, of course, greatly appreciated.
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    buff brahmas come in bantam and standard sizes. i used to raise standard sized ones. never weighed them but they was huge. took both my arms to hold and carry them. my gram has bantams and they r about a third the size of what mine were. r u sure ur buff isn't a standard and ur light brahmas r bantams?
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    I only have one light brahma- and she is not big. But my banty buff brahma is bigger than my banty cochins- go figure. I have seen other people's buffs and they are HUGE. I always thought it was because mine was a hatchery bird. It may be like the difference between buff orps and BBS orps- the buffs- even though they are big- are more tightly feathered and appear smaller than the BBS.
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    Hello Serrin, its always nice to see another person from the Spokane area on here.

    Anyway yes they do get very large, probably two different hatcheries or something in your case. When the Interstate fair rolls around go and check out the buff brahmas in the adult part, Tony Albritton has some HUGE ones that might be the size of yours. Can you post a picture of her with the light brahmas for size comparrison?
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    I sure hope I'm doing this right. I've never posted pictures here and it's a bit different than other BBS sites that I frequent. So, if I've messed it up, I hope y'all can forgive me on the grounds of me being a newbie here! [​IMG] So, here goes nothing...or something...


    This is my big girl Brewenna. She's a little over 2 years old now and one of my best, most reliable layers. She is sweetness beyond belief and patient as well. How many other birds would put up with being placed on a postal scale and then stand still long enough for me to get an accurate reading? [​IMG]

    Now I know eggzactly what she weighs! Eight pounds!! Though, honestly, I thought she would weigh considerably more. But that does put her a full four pounds heavier than my number one girl, Gimpy, a 2 year old Buff Orp. So, you can probably imagine why I thought she was much bigger than she is.

    I am curious about just how big this breed can get. The last time I looked anything up on Golden Brahma's, I think it said something about 10-14 pounds. Does that sound right? Or has memory completely failed me once again? Oh, and just what is the proper name for this breed? I've heard both Buff and Golden. So which is it? I don't want to wander around calling her by the wrong breed name ya know! [​IMG]

    Oh, and just one more picture for fun and because Flyingmonkeypoop asked for it! [​IMG] This is Brewenna with her friend and confidant, JuneBug, a Light Brahma who is a little over a year old.


    Any thoughts to share are always welcome and appreciated!
  6. Chris09

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    Jun 1, 2009
    I would like to say nice birds they look very healthy but the bird that you are holding isn't a Brahma I'm sorry to say..
    She has looks to be White Legs, Single Comb and no feathering down her legs..
    I would say she is a Orpington cross...

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  7. Serrin

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    Quote:Well NUTS!! Now I'm at a complete loss! [​IMG] Maybe I should start a whole new thread to see if anyone can help me identify her breed. I just assumed that she is a Golden Brahma as she looks nearly identical to a picture of one I saw in a book once.

    She was purchased out of a big bin of what were supposed to all be Buff Orpingtons at the time. Since the sales staff at the farm supply store were completely clueless, I'm sure it's anybody's guess as to what she really is. [​IMG]

    And now I'm really concerned about her weight. How do you know when your girl is obese? Is there even such a thing? I know cats and dogs can get dangerously overweight...how about chickens?

    Any thoughts anyone else has on this issue, again, are greatly welcome and appreciated.
  8. flyingmonkeypoop

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    The color pattern is right for a buff brahma but the type and everything is way off. She looks like she is either a buff sussex or maybe even a sexlink of some sort. There is a chance she is a really light New Hampshire. Since she is a hatchery bird I am going to say she is a sexlink or New Hampshire. Something about her head doesnt seem right to me, it reminds me of a cornish cross. Depending on what hatchery you got her from she could be one of the slow colored cornish crosses that Ideal sells, I have seen the roosters and they are a buff or red columbian.
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    BTW Just to clear things up since there seems to be a bit of Confusion about your girls breed

    Golden is a term used sometimes in Britain for what most in the US refer to as a Partridge. It is the same color variety as other partridge birds(technically Golden Penciled). The hens look like a Golden variety of the dark brahma(sometimes called silver brahmas in Britain) and the cocks are the most colorful Brahma. Partridge is not APA recognized, and no hatcheries have them although there are private breeders in the US that have them

    Buff is actually Buff Colombian and looks just like a buff version of the light Brahma with black in the hackles and tail.

    In General, lights are the largest, but weights often given for brahmas are 8lbs for hens and 11 pounds for cockerels. All brahmas are feather footed and have yellow skin and pea combs.

    Partridge/ Golden Brahmas
    (not my photos)


    Buff Brahmas(not my photos)

  10. Krys109uk

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    Golden is a term used sometimes in Britain for what most in the US refer to as a Partridge. It is the same color variety as other partridge birds(technically Golden Penciled).

    Hobby names can be confusing. They're known as 'Gold' Brahmas in UK. 'Golden' often refers to a bird which is S/s+. Similarly it is 'gold' penciled. [​IMG]

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