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Aug 26, 2019
Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Hi ! This week marks my first anniversary of chicken keeping - also it's my first week with WiFi in my new cottage so I've celebrated by downloading the BYC app! Yey!!!

I have 5 hens, and now 7 (5 week old) teenage chicks with attitude who I'm scratching my head hoping I don't have 7 young cockerels :/ :/ my son has named them all after birds so we have eagle (bluebell) corvid (black hen can't remember the breed ) snowy (Sussex ) plover (Plymouth rock ) dunlin (Columbian blacktail) - snowy and plover had a very broody spring and I gave them some eggs (via eBay) and they've hatched a nice little sassy gang of chicks - their breed is a Rhode Island red mix with Arucana - so should be olive eggers (fingers crossed for at least one hen)

I recently moved house so have changed them from totally free range to being in a run - it's been a challenge obvs with the young ones from 2 mamas and three adults avoiding conflict so as you can imagine I was out fencing posting and battling with wire mesh before I even unpacked my own kettle - or toothbrush ! They have an nice 16" X 16" run - 4 ft high - I'm also extending it to an extra 16 x16" this week. Ideally id love them free range but there's quite a few dogs and daytime fox visitors around this new location . So it's been a steep learning curve this year with my ladies I've dealt with losing to foxes - having a lonely solitary hen who nearly left me for a family of pheasants , combining newbies, breaking broodiness, embracinging broodiness , rescuing broody hen and eggs from a 2am thunderstorm, failed hatching (boo) , successful hatching(yey) , combining families with the flock, moving house , building runs in the rain, fermenting food and many chicken cuddles and funny antics.

I'm happy to be joining your community and as you can imagine from my past year of chicken fun I've been browsing your site quite a while now .

Thanks ! Corvid :)
Hello and welcome to BYC. I hope that you enjoy your time here.

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Best wishes

Pork Pie
You’ve certainly had a busy year!

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