A RANT about Chickens.


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Jan 4, 2009
Claremore, OK
I try not to mention the "s" (show) word around my birds. Because I know the next day, their feathers will fall out, they'll start sniffling, go broody, or worst yet. Drop dead.

I mentioned it ONE time to my Langshan cock, the night before the show. His tail fell out for the show the next day!

Apparently word spread throughout the coop and this past month, 1 of my birds dropped dead for no apparent reason, my Barred Rock cockerel is losing feathers faster than a granny on steroids, 2 of my birds that I was going to show have gone broody....

So that leaves me with a Rhode Island Red pullet who is absolutely excellent and a S.C. Black Minorca hen whose feathers will probably all fall out tonight when I catch them.

ARG!!!! I'm debating getting the broodies and just throwing them in the cage and calling it good.
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Jun 18, 2009
Madisonville, LA
Well, the fair show I just went to loved RIR so maybe it is going around
It is a sign to bring the RIR. If it makes you feel better my silkies always get poo stuck on their butts the day of.

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