A stink of the worst kind....


Sussex Monarch
11 Years
Mar 27, 2008
ok so i have 2 broodies...well one hens eggs all went bad...i think when that first egg broke it contaminated the rest under her...
i pulled her off that nest cause the smell was bad but when i went to move the eggs one busted....OMG the smell was worse then the busted ones from the bator....I have a strong stomach but i had almost lost my breakfast....they where all like that sloshy and stinky and the eggs where swelling and cracking the shell..so now to get that smell out of the chicken broody area...i cant see inside these eggs as they are EE eggs...
So the ones under the other broody are the same eggs but they seam ok...due to hatch tommorow.
so the broody with the stinky eggs got a clean nest box and 3 chicks i just hatched a few days ago..wich could very well be some of her own chicks...
I think next time ill do eggs under broodies that i can candle better....
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You don't need to see in the eggs to figure out a bad one. Just look for cracks, they are the ones that will cause the problem. When that one goes bad, so do the rest.

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