A thumbs up for the USPS today!


11 Years
Nov 19, 2008
I got 14 beautifully wrapped Turkey eggs from Nivtup today. My regular mail lady was out so I had a sub who actually knew/ understood what "Hatching Eggs" meant!! She had the eggs in a plastic postal crate with tape over top with a piece of paper saying where the package was going! She stopped at my house and beeped for me to come out and get them....my regular lady just leaves them in my mail box because my mail box is huge. She even said that if I was not home then she was going to take the box back to the PO and call because it is to cold to leave them in the mail box today. I think it is in the mid to high 30's here today. Sigh...I wish all egg packages were handled so nicely!!
So a thumbs up for USPS today!!

Now, lets pray I don't kill the eggs with any incubator mishaps!!
I'm glad you had such good luck with your mail lady, and I hope you have a great hatch!
I never have good luck with UPS, fed ex, or the USPS.
I came home one day this winter to find the fed ex guy's truck stuck in my driveway, and him in my HOUSE, getting salt in attempt to get himself out. I was not pleased to say the least. He's lucky he didn't go past the front entry way because I dont know what my dogs would have done to a strange person breaking in.

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