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    Feb 28, 2012
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    I'm a week away from lock down.
    today is the 11th day and almost all the eggs show embryo growth except #5 which has an embryo (but it doesn't move.) I'm afraid to toss it if it does have a successful embryo. anyway, does anybody have any tips about lockdown? I have a hover bator (with the two windows on top).
    how do you get your humidity up? the instructions say to uncover the last hole and fill both container thingys with water. however i see most people use sponges? Does the sponges work better then filling the incubator with water since sponges keep water inside? or what?

    any tips/suggestions would be helpful. I know i'm a week away...but also a newbie with a 90% hatch rate since all the embryos seem to be good...at day 11 (but i know it can change)

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    Dec 2, 2010
    The sponges can definitely add humidity and as long as your humidity has not been too high the first 18 days, it definitely helps with hatching. I used to add water to both trays and add sponges when I hatched in styrofoam hatchers, but never had my humidity too high the first 18 days.

    Good luck with your hatch!!!
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    It seems that the humidity doesn't get high enough without the added sponges. I put in a few small jars ( baby food) and place in a sponge so the top is sticking out. THe more the sponge sticks out, the more moisture can evaporate off the surface area of the sponge.

    I keep in all eggs unless leaking; I have read too many stories about removal of an egg an it actually might have hatched. So I leave in everything til the 29th day. (Makes ME feel better,)

    Try to avoid any sudden changes in environment for the eggs as you approach lockdown,

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