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    Feb 24, 2013
    Okay, so a few weeks ago spring fever hit and I decided to throw some of my eggs into the incubator. I put 14 in there. Fast forward a week or so and I candled. I figured most of them weren't going to make it and 1 day old chicks had just arrived at the farm store... YAY!!!! Did I forget to mention I already have 20 chickens from last spring and 8 I hatched out last fall just to see if I could? Oh and I'm a family of 2, me and DH. Selling at my college has helped the overflow of eggs. So I gather 8 more.. well I had to get a couple of each breed, didn't I? Hatching time comes around these past two days... I'm thinking I have no clue how to candle. Of 14 eggs, only one is still sitting in the incubator, the rest are peeping in box I set up. The other 8 are looking great. I seem to be a pro at raising the buggers. All lost chickens has been due to wildlife... and even that is minimal.

    BTW... if anyone is looking for fat, healthy roosters... I have 8 (currently that I know) I'm willing to part with :)

    BTW2... I have a broody hen out in the barn sitting on 16 eggs... not really intentionally, but I felt so bad last fall for kicking her off the last nest I decided to let her have this group.
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    Good for you!
    it sounds like my house, only I have a buch of kids running around too. The kids really enjoy all the chicken things that I do. The kids and I picked up 27 day old buff orpingtons today. They are eating away happy as can be in their brooder.
    I have 16 eggs in the brooder but am not sure that they will hatch??? we will see.
    Take care Lisa
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    LOL your hatching them in the brooder. Those chicks won't have to go far when they hatch lol.

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