? About the best way to catch a peacock

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    We have a peacock that was dumped along a very narrow 2 lane road with no shoulder to the road what's so ever. He has a very very long tail and is in the same spot every afternoon. How would we go about securing him with as little stress to him as possible. Worried he will be injured as the cars tend to speed even though the road is narrow.

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    The least stressful would be to corall him to another area or into something. When we have to catch one in the pens, we throw a towel over their wings and then pick them up while keeping it wrapped around their wings. We use a net as a last resort and only cloth ones, not nylon. Just the way we do it
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    We lured ours back when they were lost by playing peacock calls through the laptop speakers (downloaded from youtube, amazingly enough) and by placing a mirror in the temporary pen we used to corral them. They can't resist reflections and will immediately approach a mirror. If you have a way to close the pen it works perfectly. We also use the cover drop (dropping a sheet over the bird) so that the bird can't see. But when you grab it, make the grab very firm (not squeezed-to-death) because they are much stronger than you think if you are used to chickens/ducks.

    Ours were originally raised with treats from the cupcake baker in the neighborhood who shared discarded cakes with them. So, for a long time, all I needed to do was stroll out into the yard, loudly cooing "Mama's got CAKE!" and they'd scurry in.

    You might also check around to see if anyone's posted a lost notice. We stuck them up at the feed & seed and the local equivalent of a 7-11 (The Blackwater Trading Post) and notified neighbors. Sure enough, peacock sightings abounded until we got them rounded up. "They are over here on top of the barn!" "They just crossed the road five miles down!" It was great how helpful everyone was. There is something magical about peacocks. They are sooo beautiful.

    Good luck!
  4. CelticOaksFarm

    CelticOaksFarm Family owned, family run

    Sep 7, 2009
    Florida - Space Coast
    I did visit the local feed stores to see if anyone had posted a missing sign, or mentioned a run away. Nothing yet, but left my info and that I didn't have him caught yet, but knew where he was.

    Storms are rolling in, or I would be loading up to go see how approachable he is this afternoon. Since his favorite spot is literally right next to the darn road.
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    Feb 26, 2011
    The best way I have found is to buy a fishing net and very carefully walk up to them dont run but take baby steps until you are close enough to get his head in the net. I did that with wild peacocks and if you move just very slowly and quietly you can have him.

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