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    well today my broody chicken who was on five turkey eggs quit on her nest becuase she was in an empty horse stall and a horse got moved in there and she doesnt like the horses so she quit... i candled the eggs, all are fertile and developing... which is wierd cuase they are the first 5 eggs laid by these turkeys... anyways i put them in the bator in hopes that i will get a broody this week and slip the egs under her ( i have a hen who i think is gunna set cuase she was on her nest all day and when she left the nest she was clucking like a broody but not puffed up like one, but im hoping she will so i can give her the egs.... my problem is that they are in an rcom 20 with 3 goose eggs that are due this weekend... im wondering if the turkeys can handle the 65% humidity and if they dont get moved to a broody this weekend, the 80% humidity... and also, if they dont get moved by this weekend my goslings will need to not be turned! does anyone know how i can let the turkey eggs be turned while the goose eggs arent!

    for those of you who dont know the rcom 20 turner is like a convayer belt and the eggs are laid on their sidesand every hour the convayer belt slides the opposite direction it did before and theyre are dividers on each side of the egg that stop the egg and the belt slides undrneath it and makes it turn
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    you can turn the turkey eggs by hand, or leave the auto turner on, no harm if the geese eggs get turned. They dont need turn the last days,but no harm if they do. the goose turn the eggs untill they hatch. Most incubator turners, have no way to keep chicks after hatching, so eggs are moved to hatching trays with covers.
    In your case that incubator will keep the goslings in place.
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    Quote:i was told they are positioning for hatching and they shouldnt be moved

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