? about welsummers please help!

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  1. ok, i need to know about welsummers. please don't try to convice me to get another breed, because i will go crazy aabout that breed, and i've finally found a breed that suits me.

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    Are you sure? Okay, I have heard they lay gorgeous eggs and they are beautiful. Don't know a lot about the breed, check the BYC Breed Pages. They should be useful.
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    Feb 2, 2009
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    I love my Welsummers. They are gentle, laid back personalities, my roo is the only roo I've ever had who didn't end up in a pot w/dumplings, and they lay nice large dark brown eggs. Mine are from BYC breeder Okiehen's eggs.
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    My Wellies are only 15 weeks old, but so far the ladies are calm and relatively friendly (they're the only ones to let me touch them without running away or screaming; though if I make a grab for them, they still have the sense to take off [​IMG] ). I think they're very pretty, though they lack the flashiness that my Javas and Wyandottes have. My roo is pretty well behaved. He got slapped this weekend for fluffing at me, but that's really as far as it goes with him.

    Oh, but he's loud. His crowing frequency isn't anything like my friend's EE, but he makes up for it in volume. And he honks when he's nervous, which is even louder -- and screams at me if I come in in the dark. And he shows every indication of being dumb as a brick. The ladies do what he tells them, though, so they must see something in him that I don't [​IMG]

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    Reasons I love my Welsummers:

    They lay beautiful dark eggs, nothing like those terra cotta colored ones! Speckled or smooth, your choice!

    They have good laid back personality, hens are gentle and cockerals are well mannered. Not flighty like Leghorns or nervous like Penes. Not lazy like Cornish X's.

    Dual purpose birds, eggs and meat!

    They are beautiful! Not tightly feathered. Nice contract from males to females, rather than all the same colors.

    They can be in confinements well. A small coop with a small run, they are happy! (please dont ever cram Wellies in layer cages, its awful and unhumane!)

    They get along with other breeds.

    Most of them are not broody so they are good egg layers!
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    I almost moved this to Emergencies due to the "please help!"
    You may want to be more descriptive in your thread titles from now on, like "Tell Me About the Welsummer Breed". And it should go in Breeds, not Raising Chicks, so I'll move it there for you.
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    I have Wellies, Ameruacanas, and Marans.

    These are from a single breeder, so it is a small sample size and they are only about 4 months old.

    The Wellies were my target breed with some of the others thrown in.

    I have heard the Welsummers are flighty. In fact I know one woman who got rid of hers because she said they were so flighty. I have found this is not true.

    Of the three, the Welsummers are the most intelligent, friendly, and vigorous. They grew the fastest, feathered out the best, and had the best appetite. They seem to spend the most time grooming and have a more tidy appearance.

    They are the first to learn how to get in and out of the coop, what treats are, how to eat out of your hand, etc.

    Sorry to say it Marans owners, but the Marans I have are dumb by comparison. The Marans lay back, and seem to be the last to realize I have shown up with treats, have the hardest time getting in and out of the yard, etc.

    My daughter's job was to handle all the chickens every day and many times she would do it more than twice a day. So, all birds were handled equally and often when they were young. I can pick up all of my Welsummer hens and some will come right up to you and talk to you when you pick them up. They are definately a "tame" breed and are comfortable around people. Type -wise they are very uniform. The hens all look the same and it has been hard to pick out what rooster I will keep.

    The Ameraucanas are cool, but freak out a little when you first pick them up. They like to be around you, but are not as tame. They are smaller, less vigorous growers, but calm and inquisitive....kinda cute little guys.

    The Marans by comparison, are not friendly at all, hate to be held and are the last to come to treats. Basically, I have to catch them to hold them. The Marans, however, seem to be more weather hardy and are the only ones that stay out in the rain and foul weather. This is is something important for me to watch because I live in Alaska.

    On the other hand, the Welsummer roosters are more roudy and dominant over the other 2 breeds. They crow more, fight more, and pester the hens more. Not mean yet, but definately more like a teenager in heat. Marans and Ameraucana roosters seem a lot calmer.

    Welsummers seem to be typed more like an egg layer as opposed to dual purpose. They have not put on much meat yet and the roosters are bony and tough...better suited to soup. The Marans grow a little slower, but feel more heavy and meaty. I think they would be a better dual purpose breed. The Ameraucanas are smaller and grow a lot slower.

    I'm obviously biased towards the Welsummer breed and like I said, I'm judging from a small sample size and my birds are still young. I find Welsummers to be intelligent, energetic, and friendly to the point of being a little roudy.
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    I have two wellie pullets that I hatched this spring. They have been handled just as much (if not more) than the delawares & RIR they were raised with, but are incredibly flighty. They are my kids' favorites in that pen for color pattern, but they are wild as anything, just about impossible to catch, and smart about it... you can't even bait them with favorite treats.

    They are the flightiest of all the breeds we've raised so far.

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    Flighty, and nervous, I don't think so! Not my Wellies! Hatchery Wellies seems to have that trait or its the upbringing of their environment.

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