Abscessed or Impacted Oil Gland? [pics]

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11 Years
Apr 11, 2012
Nova Scotia
Stumpy ogt an infected oil gland i think. It almost looked liked a second tail was growing out from above his normal tail. the oil gland nipple was gone all together. he hated me touching around his tail too so it must have hurt. So I gave a gentle squeeze despite his protests and at first clear oil came out in a long stream, then whitish fluid came seeping out. I used a warm wet cloth and worked out what I could, I put polysporin on his gland and started him on antibiotics. After I worked on his tail, he seemed to be relieved though not happy about how much attention his nether side got lol.

Anyone ahve any long term care suggestions for him? This was the chick with the defective legs and the star gazing problem. Though he still lolls his head back on occasion, he is up more often and eats like a horse. He also has found the wonderful world of meal worms!

The picture shows one of the 2 lumps that were on either side of his gland. They were hard as a rock. When I gave a gentle squeeze clear oil came shooting out, then the white stuff oozed out slowly. its oily and white and looks like puss to me.

So any ideas if Im doing the right or wrong thing?
It sounds like you're right on track. Now that the pressure is released, monitor to make sure it won't come back. Try to get as much gunk out as your can. Warm compresses will help bring out the infection. Pack with antibiotic cream and monitor. After the compresses are taken off, clean him up well, especially the area surrounding the wound. Keep the area dry to promote healing.
Thanks for the reply! I was wondering if I ahve a very unique situation. Its hard to get info on exactly whats going on with this gland. I have no idea how it got infected!

Today it looks a bit better, but is still yellowish in some areas. Should I try to express the infection again or just compress? Ive got polysporin on his bum right now as just a topical. And Im still giving him anti biotics. How warm should I do the compress? I dont wnat to burn his delicate skin.

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