Absolutely scared... Injured ducking please help.

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    So I have a duckling with a broken foot. I bandaged his foot into place because it was bent, the really scary part is, he keeps chewing on his broken foot. I conducted some "tests" and he can't feel anything below the break point, the foot past the break is slightly more red than the healthy foot. I removed the bandage thinking maybe I left it on too tight, could I have killed his foot? Or can he just not feel it cause of the break. Or is it just asleep, I know when my foot falls asleep it only takes a few seconds to a minute to regain feeling, its been about 15 minutes. His behavior and the possibility of a dead foot are making me crazy.. Please help. The break was also this morning. Will he ever regain feeling?

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    I would wrap the leg in gauze, then splint with popsicle sticks on both sides of the leg, then tape. It helps if you have someone to hold the duck. I would give a baby aspirin for pain, with electrolytes and vitamins. You can crush the aspirin and add to water. Keep him separate so nobody picks on him. Keep him warm and quiet. Good luck.

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