Achoo! Can a hen sneeze???

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    Aug 13, 2012
    I don't know if I just never noticed before... we've only started on our hen house journey the summer, but some of my hens make a sound like their sneezing! Is it possible that they would have a "cold"? I even noticed a couple with bubbles coming from their noses/nostrils. And my husband and I have both had head colds, although we've since recovered... I was just wondering if my hens were sick, and could there be a connection to us being sick????

    Any help appreciated.
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    Im not very experienced with chicken diseases etc, but i imagine all animals have their way of clearing their nassel passage.......also, i dont think most viruses can transfer from birds to humans, and vise versa.
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    Chickens can sneeze, yes.

    It can be from environmental causes (like dust or ammonia levels in the coop or dusty feed) or it can be from a disease.

    Chickens don't get colds. It wouldn't be the same as us getting colds. They get respiratory diseases, though. Here is a handy page:

    Probably the most common chronic respiratory disease is mycoplasma I am guessing from reading lots of posts here on BYC. But things like avian flu and the like would be HIGHLY unlikely.

    Here is another link:
    diagnosis charts at bottom

    Generally, I would advocate looking for an environmental reason before getting all worried about a respiratory disease. I just included that info in case you need it. I think there is a blood test for MG now that a vet could administer if he/she deals with chickens. Some respiratory diseases leave the chicken an asymptomatic carrier and can even pass thru the egg to the chick.

    For absolutely knowing what the problem is, a necropsy can be done on a chicken by contacting the state vet or county extension agent I believe.

    Feed is very dusty at times, as are pine shavings. The chickens themselves put off a great amount of dust, too. If the coop collects too much poo and it isn't kept dry ammonia levels can build up. Check the coop in the morning when you open the door. If you smell ammonia then that could be the problem.
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    I accidentally bought Dumor later crumbles instead of pellets not too long ago and all the sudden my chickens starting sneezing like you would not believe! I would throw their feed out for them and all the sudden "ACHOO" "Achoo!" ALL over the place. I watched them and figured out it was only happening at feeding times. I swapped back over to pellets and no more sneezing. I would definitely look for environmental causes if there are not other signs of illness. If it makes you feel better you can add electrolytes or apple cider vinegar to their water. It makes me feel better. [​IMG]
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    LOL at the "achoo achoo" description. I can just imagine it. [​IMG]

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