Ack! Emergency!


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Jan 20, 2008
I was fit to die . . . I went outside this morning, did a visual scan of the chicken coop, and went into emergency mode. It was clear my chickens were very sick and would be dropping like flies at any moment, because there was something, very, VERY wrong with their poop. I'd never seen anything like it on BYC, it must be some new or rare thing that hit my flock, and I'd be responsible for an epidemic that sweeps across America, taking out chickens everywhere. I'd be vilified. I'd be responsible for the government shutting down private chicken ownership for good. Why, oh why do I have such awful luck? Why was it my flock struck with some awful disease that causes orange poop, yellow poop, green poop . . . oh, wait.

Note to self: In the future, it might help to hold off panicking until your memory kicks in to remind you that you had administered food coloring the night before to ascertain which hens were laying what eggs.
i think we have all had moments when we think the worst untill we stop and have another look i stilll stress when i see fethers on the ground untill i relise they are molting:lau
that's funny
Reminds me of freaking out over chunks of red in my dog's poo....later realizing another pile had a rainbow of colors (she had eaten a box of crayons).
I didn't realize that you could do that with food coloring! I should try that. But first, I will post a BIG sign on the coop wall to remind myself that I did it!
I am still embarrassed about it . . . I debated with myself all day over whether or not to post it. In the end, it was just too funny not to share!
Well, I just drop a few drops onto their vent, and the vent does that pulsing thing that sucks the liquid in. Sometimes they poop too much before laying so there's no color left for the eggs, but usually it works for me.

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