Adding at 9 weeks?

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  1. Hello,
    Well next week we will be adding in our 9 week old chickens to the coop with our two redstar 15 month old chickens.
    Does anybody know if this should be okay? I read another story were a hen killed a 9 week. But I've never heard of that before so do you think it should be okay? Please let me know if you've had any experience? At first when we added the chicks in when they where about a week they just ignored pecky(white star) then we had to get another one. So please let me know. Thank you!

    We have shown them to each other several times when ever we take them out of there coop. And they seem just fine together.
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    9 weeks is too young. They are not large enough yet. Place them where they can see each other, but not peck until they are about 13 weeks old and more the same size. Then when they have had a chance to get used to each other, place the new ones in at night.
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    I have a 9 week old pullet in with 6 other hens and a very small roo about a year old. I just had the roo and her to begin with, but then introduced 6 hens in 2 weeks to her and the roo, and she seems to be fine. I haven't had any problems, but that may be because I had her there first.
  4. Thank you for the answers.
    We have had them together out side when we let them out of the coop and they seem fine. they'll eat bugs by eachother and interact.
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    I'm new to all this, so I really appreciate any help.

    I have four established layers that are about 15 months old. We have added three additional chicks which are now about 16 weeks. I have all of them in one pen with the younger ones sectioned off. The problem is every time I bring them together, the younger girls get chased and pecked. I have read that I should introduce them together at night so they'll wake up together.

    Only problem is, I'm worried someone is going to get hurt before I can get out to the rescue.
    Any sugguestions or am I overthinking this?
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    I agree with new2chooks, the older hens might hurt them... [​IMG]

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