Adding baby chicks to flock


May 24, 2019
I have a couple of 2 month old chicks can I add them to my flock of 8hens and rooster? I know to integrate slowly and how to do it just a little unsure based on age but they are getting to big for the brooder.
They should be fine. We put ours outside as soon as they have enough feathers, at about 6 weeks, and they are in with the old chickens at around 8-10 weeks. You will want to keep them separate from your older hens and rooster for a couple of weeks so they can see each other but not touch, then let them run together. They will fight a bit at first but soon the pecking order will be settled and they should be fine, and the rooster should stop the major fights.
I have one in my run right now! I fenced off an area of my run to keep my hens separate from my chicks but allow both groups to see one another. I left them separated for about a month. I let them free range together occasionally, and things have been pretty calm. So last weekend I made a couple of holes in the fencing that are big enough for my babies to fit through, but too small for my hens. Now, the chicks can go into the big run to explore and run back into their safety zone when feeling threatened.

It's going so much better than I anticipated. My big girls (all large fowl) are just over a year. My babies (all bantams) are about 3 months now. So far, so good!

Good luck!!!!

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My pullets are a about 2 or 3 months old now, and have a 5 year old rooster and 2.5 year and 9 month old hens in main flock, I brooded them in a large dog kennel as they were under quarantine, once quarantine lifted I had no problem with them integrating into the flock, though, they started out by going out but could always get back into the kennel where the older birds couldn't . One night I about had a heart attack, went out and couldn't find the pullets at all, they were last place I would have thought , they had followed the chickens into the coop and were happily perched with the flock. even if it was just on the ladder so once arm heals up I will get a real perch made for them.

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