Adding fishmeal to FF to increase protein?

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    I am feeding fermented whole grains to my birds now. The mix I have been using is adequate protein wise for my adult flock, but too low for growing chicks. So I got some fishmeal to add to the FF for the chicks, but I am not sure how much to add, per five gallon bucket. Can anyone give me hints on this? I am thinking there is at least one other person on here that does this, since I got the idea here. Thanks!
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    No experience with fermented feed, but we use 3% (by weight) fish meal in our adult bird feed and up to 5-6% (by weight) or so in the chick feed. But since your mixture might be different nutritionally than others my data or anyone else's is just conjecture as far as proper nutritional balance is concerned. I will note that once you get them to adulthood we settled on the 3% number because anything more than that and customers said their eggs tasted different. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful but I tried. :)

    Edit: Also depending on where you get your fishmeal, and what type of fish etc it will have different nutrient content.
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    OK, that gives me a ballpark anyway, thanks!!

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