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    I currently have 4 laying hens. I'm thinking about picking up some meat chicks when they arrive at the local feed & supply store in a couple of months. However, I don't know how to kill, clean, or prepare them chickens. My husband knows how to kill & gut, but he doesn't know the best way to remove feathers/skin or the steps to prepare it for food (either as whole bird or as pieces). Any suggestions?

    I'd be raising them for a few weeks in the house while they got big enough to run with the other birds. Is there a good way to introduce new chicks to my current flock? I currently let my hens free-range, and would be doing the same with the meat birds. I supplement their foraging with 20% protein layer feed. Would this be sufficient for the meat birds to grow fast enough for size & tenderness?

    The only reason I'm thinking about getting some meat birds is that I LOVE chicken & eat a lot of it! [​IMG] I'd rather eat my own birds (at least try one) than spend $15 for 5 pieces of frozen chicken breast. If it doesn't work out, at least I'll have learned something new [​IMG]

    I know even less about meat birds than I know about laying hens (and everything I know about laying hens I've learned here & by watching my girls). [​IMG] Any advice, suggestions, recommendations, or "what are you thinking?!?" [​IMG] comments would be much appreciated.
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