Adding protein during a molt

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Jun 18, 2017
9033D88F-22C6-4DED-89EF-7717804889B2.jpeg I have a couple of chickens, and they are molting. I was thinking of giving them sardines and tiny bits of meat, etc. during their molt to increase their protein rather than trying to find/purchase a temporary high-protein feed. Does anyone though what is in appropriate amount of protein per day for a single, molting hen? The sites I’ve visited were very vague, they didn’t give any type of specific amount on top of the normal layer feed.


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Apr 6, 2014
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Give your chicken some cat food. I see you have cats and you can see I do also.
Just give them some of it and when they stop eating, it is just the right amount. Your chickens will not Overdose on protein from cat food. My chickens eat cat food whenever they can get their beaks onto some... :gig
A slight drawback to chickens getting TOO MUCH protein result in runnier than usual stools and somewhat smellier.

Eat the sardines yourself.:thumbsup I LUV sardines :drool
WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :highfive:


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Jul 23, 2018
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Usually the suggestion is to bump protein to 20-24% from 16%. It is what they would use for meat bird or game birds. I just provide protein treats I make at home. Like dried mealworms high in protein on Greek yogurt with few cut greens or herbs. You can also bake your own treat blocks. Some people use flock raiser or feather fixer. Up to you and what works for you.


Sep 9, 2018
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Not sure of your location, I'm in the UK, do have suet balls/blocks where you live for wild birds, I give my chickens some every now and again, you can crumble them up if one is too much?


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The sites I’ve visited were very vague, they didn’t give any type of specific amount on top of the normal layer feed.
Because there's really no hard numbers, unless you go to meat production type scenarios. Bumping up the protein during molt is good, especially if it's animal protein.
The best recommendation I've seen is to feed some mackerel canned in water(@ChickenCanoe ?).
Don't think you need for a specific amount each day per bird, just toss some out a couple times a week. Watch the fat and salt content in stuff like cat food, even mealworms are fatty.

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