Adding protein during a molt


Oct 14, 2020
Near Goldendale Washington
I've been giving them my regular cat food but it is lower in calories because I've got a cat who is massively overweight ... (don't ask me why, I've not a clue. His sister is a skinny beauty with the softest fur!) I'm going to buy meow mix.. another question. I read something about giving chickens catfish food. Sardines? I think I'd give soft meat outside during the day. We are freezing every night, now.
I was thinking of making a blend of catfish food, the dried worms, sunflower seeds and meow mix during this molting season. The three big girls look awful. Ariel is still in her pen 'kennel' in the chicken coop. (thank God Leon made a big chicken coop) No eggs from anyone but life is OK otherwise. I'm waiting at least 3 weeks before I free Ariel. It's got to work this time, really does. Thanks for all your help.
I'm laughing at the idea of chickens asking for meow mix by name. A mewing chicken would be worth her weight in gold!! 😹

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