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    The neighbors had nesting Robins somewhere in their yard, and they were quite successful. Seems like they had 3 broods this year. The middle bunch, were left early for the new bunch I think... that's what seems to have happened anyways.

    So I was out digging for worms in the compost pile for the ducks, and this little robin comes hopping up. Like it knew I was a sucker and that I would share my worms with it. So I did. This was a little more than a week ago. Now it has a little fenced in area for itself, complete with a chick waterer. It gets misted with the hose when it's super hot out, and I turn a spot in the compost pile for it to forage in. It's brought it's brood mate with it too. That one is a little more standoffish, it doesn't actively seek me out like this one does. It just takes advantage of the situation.

    The first one though, it flies away when my husband comes out, knows the fence will stop the dogs and the prowling neighbor cat. I saw it in the duck run when the cat was out, and that's a no-no, since it's a wild bird. So I gave it it's own "run" to hide in complete with a brush pile. I put it's water in there as well, so that my domestic birds can't touch it and get coodies.

    When I sit in my chair out there, it hops out and sits under the other chair, waiting on me to dig a hole for it to hunt in. It's such a strange little bird! I know it was robin raised, I saw it with it's parents a couple of weeks ago. It's not like someone raised it and then released it. But the parents must have started another brood (their 3rd I believe) and left these two. But it's still baby colored with soft corners to it's beak that haven't hardened all the way yet. Still talks baby talk.

    I've raised orphan robins before years ago. But I've never had one just show up and seemingly demand help. It must have been really hungry to hop in that close and demand I walk away and let it help itself. It doesn't want me to feed it, but it for sure knows that I am the key to free food if I have a shovel in hand. If I get a stick and start poking around in the dirt, it patiently waits 3 feet away.

    It first came around on the hottest day yet this year. The worms must have shrunk back deep into the ground. The water from the ducks must help keep them at the surface, so that's why it chose that area. Then it must have run into issues catching them but it "heard" them however they do that trick when I was digging, so it hopped over to investigate.

    Usually wildlife build up a gradual lack of fear, which is a bad thing ultimately. But this little bird... nothing gradual about it. It just showed up and demanded help. It drank forever it seemed like when I set it out some water on that hot day. Poor thing. But it showed too much initiative for me to ignore it, and I don't want it sharing water with my flock. So fine, have your own spot, little bird.

    I wonder if it'll let me get a picture of it today. It's not a fluke anymore, it's been a week now since it's started hanging out.
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    What a nice story. Very kind of you.

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    Wonderful! That is a very smart and very lucky little bird! And you are very nice!
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    How sweet!!!!!
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    My husband came in the house yesterday after watering the lawn, because the little robin requested a bath from him! He was so happy it finally asked him for something! [​IMG]

    I've been calling it Little Bird Robbie. After putzing around in the coop, I'll come out and say "Where are you little bird?" and it hops out from wherever it was hiding. Such a strange little bird! It's broodmate is still around but does not participate anymore. It's decided humans aren't needed at all. But Robbie still insists on special treatment.

    Nature is SO weird sometimes.
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    That's awesome of you to help...
    They're such pretty birds...
    Very cool :)


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