Adruino device to scare chickens off my porch


Jan 22, 2016
Bradford County PA
so my wife is sick of spraying off the back porch the chickens visit it every morning. I need something to scare them off the dogs just not up for challenge. I play with Adruino devices (micro computers) IR sensors (for trip wires) and micro speakers. Etc. so I want to setup a electronic beam activated tripwire to produce a chicken scaring sound like hawk or something ?

1. Does this device already exist link please
2. What sounds actually scare chickens and send them running?
3. If I don’t make this wife is going to pull their free range privileges...


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I wouldn't use a predator call. A car alarm type sound, maybe.
I free range 27 birds around the house, so I have the same issue. By shooing them regularly off of the porches, carport, and sidewalks, they frequent those areas less, and it isn't as bothersome as it used to be. During rains they still try to gather around and on the back porch, though.
I do spray, but I don't have to spray every day like I used to. They do learn, but need frequent reminding.
Had a similar issue, pullets had mined our back porch to a point where it was almost unusable.

I set up a motion detector to a high volume fan, when the pullets where detected, a row of fabric went up in the air, little props whirl and made noise. It looked funny as hell and it worked for a few days, eventually they got accustomed to it and it quit working. Eventually I built 5 foot fence to keep them out of the pool deck and porch.

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